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Show-Me Kid’s Ministry LLC.

Welcome to Show-Me Kids Ministry. “Where Curious Minds Have Fun Building Faith.” Our goal is to help provide a resource for positive Christian character development of young people. As well as offering a resource to parents seeking wholesome Christian content for their children, or teachers looking for different approaches and ideas. J. T. Show-Me uses awesome Bible science experiments and object lessons to captivate the kids’ attention and then appeals to their decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. We try to present the Bible in a way that makes learning about Jesus and God’s plan for us truthful, interesting, and fun. Please send your suggestions, ideas, and comments. Feel free to use any of the resources that may be of value to you. And don’t forget to Subscribe, like, and share the good news about our channel with your friends and associates. 


USPS Mailing Address: Show-Me Kid’s Ministry, P. O. Box 777, Goldsboro, NC 27530. Email: me@jtShowMe.com Show-Me Kid’s 


Ministry is owned and produced by (Retired Pastor) Jesse T. West, “Professor J. T. Show Me,” and Co-Hosted by Naarah & Malia Quire, two of his precious grandchildren.

"Where Curious Minds Have Fun Building Faith"

Our Vision

“Having fun on Earth, while building character for Heaven”

Our Values

“To teach by example how to reflect the character of Christ in our lives.”

"There is not a child alive who has not
made mistakes.
But the child who learns from his or her
and the mistakes of others
is well on the pathway of excellence and

Professor J. T. Show-Me

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